Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Counseling and Therapy?2023-07-15T23:34:32-08:00

How they’re different. Broadly speaking, counseling tends to be focused on one specific issue and considered a short-term treatment. You may learn coping techniques and problem-solve the issue together. Psychotherapy tends to treat a broader range of issues and more complex problems.

What Should I Expect?2023-07-15T15:59:32-08:00

Therapy is a process of mining for the root of issues while planting ideas for new growth toward a future vision, so there can be some discomfort in the process. Having a qualified, compassionate guide can however, soften the way and maximize opportunities for success. I often offer assignments between sessions to support acceleration. Work outside of sessions isn’t required by any means but like much in life, one gets out of an experience, what one is willing to put into it.

What Do Services Cost?2023-10-08T14:12:58-08:00

To find out if this is a good fit for your needs, we can do a short, free phone consultation. Once we agree to begin sessions, rates are as follows: Individual therapy is $210 for a 60 minute on-line session. Couple’s therapy is $250 for a 75-minute on-line session, family therapy is $300 for a 90-minute on-line session. Payment is due immediately following the session. Clients are not just paying for services rendered but also for protected time slots which can’t then be offered to other clients in need. Therefore a non-attendance fee (inside a 24 hour cancellation window) is required in order to continue services. I am a private pay provider and do not bill any health insurance including Medicaid, Medi-Cal or Medicare.

What About Confidentiality?2023-07-15T15:57:06-08:00

For the most part, what is said in therapy, stays in therapy. The only exceptions include: Court Subpoenas, information revealed regarding the abuse of children, older or disabled persons and if a client declares intension of suicide or homicide. It’s also important to note that if one wishes to submit a super bill toward the possibility of being reimbursed by their health insurance for an out of network provider, some information, (like a diagnosis), must be submitted by the therapist to the health insurance company, justifying those visits.

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